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On Behalf of Azure Seas, we would like to thank our patrons, community, guest and visitors alike for a
wonderful and exciting time we have had in Oceanside, Ca serving you.  You have made our stay of 17
years in business (Frosty Lady and the Azure Seas), a joy and pleasure.

It is with a heavy heart, Azure Seas has changed Home ports from Oceanside
, Ca to Santa Barbara, Ca.  
The Browns take a
way memories of fun, laughter and fulfilling adventures and the times all have grown as
a family.  We have always stood for service, professionalism and dedication to our craft (Azure Seas and
its community), now this will be set in another harbor where opportunity awaits with open arms.
Grand opening to the New Azure Seas Cruises of Santa Barbara May 2014
Personal not:  Please give Azure Seas of Santa Barbara the opportunity to fulfill your dreams and visit     
their area, Beautiful Santa Barbara.  The
Adventure continues.

To the community, guest and visitors alike, thank you for the years, your support and wonderful times we
have shared, we hold each and every one of you as Azure Seas family. Thank you (Azure Seas).

E-mails are still welcomed for past visitors and guest to make comments.
Phone lines are closed at this time, once again thank you
Azure Seas